May 24, 2024

Deputy’s notebook: Calls from March 10-19, 2021

Editor’s Note – This information is provided by the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office and is presented unedited. This is public information. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. An arrest is not a conviction.

March 10, 2021

0134 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a suspicious vehicle on East Main Street, Pomeroy.  No vehicle was located.

0422 hours – Deputies were dispatched to Forked Run State park on an alarm, the building was found to be secure.

1004 hours – Deputies were dispatched to the Meigs Middle School to handle an incident with a student.

1527 hours – Deputies were dispatched on an animal complaint on Sand Ridge Road, Albany. Animals were found to have food and water.

1928 hours – Deputies were dispatched to assist the Middleport Police Department on a domestic violence complaint on Cole Street, Middleport.

2131 hours – Deputies were dispatched to assist the Pomeroy Police Department to assist them on a traffic stop.

March 11

0030 hours – Deputies initiated a traffic stop on East Main Street in Pomeroy. A warning was issued.

0452 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a domestic violence complaint at Browns Trailer Court, neither party wished to cooperate or file charges.

0526 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a report of a runaway juvenile on Sr. 681, Reedsville. Report was taken.

1147 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a 911 hang up call from a landline phone on Sr. 124, Long Bottom. The residents advised they did not call nor did they have a landline phone.

1239 hours – Deputies were dispatched to Hopewell Health to recover a baggy that contained a white crystal substance located on the floor by staff, it was determined by officers to be methamphetamine.

1328 hours – Deputies were dispatched to Hartwell Storage units to take a report on a breaking and entering.

1451 hours – Deputies were dispatched to Sr.248, Long Bottom to take a report on a scam complaint.

1511 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a suspicious vehicle on Callaway Ridge Road, Coolville. Negative contact with a vehicle.

1536 hours – Deputies took a report of a theft from an inmate at the Middleport Jail.

1650 hours – Deputies were dispatched to Burlingham Road, Pomeroy. Deputies took a report and searched for a runaway 12-year-old. The child in questioned returned several hours later to the residence.

1853 hours – Deputies took a report of property damage on Richards Road, Portland.

2101 hours – Deputies were dispatched to suspicious vehicle at the Tuppers Plains VFW. The vehicles left before officers’ arrival.

2108 hours – Deputies took a criminal damaging report by telephone.

March 12

0543 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a domestic violence complaint on East Second Street, Pomeroy. It was determined no domestic had occurred.

1208 hours – Deputies were dispatched to Howell Hill in refence to cattle running loose. The owner of the cattle was contacted and was able to fence the cattle back in.

1514 hours – Deputies were dispatched to Horner Hill Road, Pomeroy. It was reported a landowner was holding a person at gun point on their property. Deputies arrived and arrested Robin Wood.

1602 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a camping trailer sitting on the right of way on Leading Creek Road, Middleport. The matter was determined to be a civil issue.

1627 hours – Deputies were dispatched to Townsend Road, Albany.  Deputies recovered a stolen trailer for the Athens County Sheriff’s Office.

1909 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a possible overdose or intoxicated person sitting in a driveway on Paulins Hill Road, Middleport. It was determined the female was waiting meeting a person there and had fallen asleep.

2008 hours – Deputies were dispatched to the scenic overview for suspicious vehicles. The vehicles were gone on arrival of deputies.

2046 hours – Deputies were dispatched to the Columbia Township Fire Department to take a report on a domestic complaint. A report was taken, charges were filed, Thomas Smith was located and arrested at 0228hours on the complaint.

2332 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a medical alert alarm on Laurel Cliff Road, Pomeroy. 

March 13

2349 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a possible gun shot wound on Osborn Road, Reedsville. Arriving at the scene it was determined there was no gun shot victim. This was an argument and the parties separated. Assisting with the call was the Pomeroy and Middleport Police Departments.

0623 hours – Deputies attempted serve a warrant in Dexter.

0646 hours – Deputies were dispatched to US 33/Morningstar Road for an injured deer.

0904 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a suspicious person on Sr. 124< Langsville. The person was located and was walking home.

0956 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a theft complaint on Bashan Road, Racine.

1057 hours – Deputies took a theft report on station.

1216 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a theft complaint on Eaton Road, Portland.

1345 hours – Deputies were dispatched on an alarm call on East Park Drive, Tuppers Plains. Everything was secure.

1347 hours – Deputies were dispatched to Star Hall Road on a complaint of someone cutting trees down on another’s property.

2145 hours – Deputies attempted service of a paper in Dexter.

2321 hours – Deputies responded to a 911 hang up call on Martin Street, Rutland.

2323 hours – Deputies responded to a motor vehicle crash with injuries on Sr. 143.

March 14

0427 hours – Deputies attempted a service of a warrant in Racine.

0444 hours – Deputies initiated a traffic stop on Sr. 124 Racine, a warning was given.

1106 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a unruly juvenile on Burlingham Road, Shade.

1150 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a domestic violence complaint on Sr. 7, Pomeroy. Report taken.

2041 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a traffic accident involving a deer on Apple Grove Dorcas Road, Racine.

2255 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a noise complaint on Gibson Road, Albany.

2337 hours – Deputies initiated a traffic stop on West Main Street, Pomeroy. A warning was given.

March 15

0930 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a complaint of someone cutting down trees on Gibson Road, Albany.

1429 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a private property traffic crash at the Tire Barn.

1514 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a drug overdose on Sr. 124, Long Bottom.

1702 hours – Deputies responded to a female threatening to bust windows out of a residence on Lasher Road, Middleport.

1810 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a request for an emergency squad to secure the scene on Titus Road, Langsville.

March 16

0147 hours – Deputies investigated a suspicious person and vehicle on West Main Street, Pomeroy. The person was found to be sleeping.

0540 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a stolen vehicle complaint on Sr. 7, Pomeroy.

0901 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a broken-down vehicle on Rocksprings Road, Pomeroy.

1055 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a well being check on Bradbury Road, Middleport.

1056 hours – Deputies were dispatched to Apple Grove Dorcas Road to secure the scene for EMS.

1601 hours – Deputies were dispatched to Sr. 124, Racine to secure the scene for EMS. Cancelled enroute.

1842 hours – Deputies were dispatched to the Middleport Jail to assist with a search of the facility.

1923 hours – Deputies were dispatched to an open door of a church on Burlingham Road, Shade. The building was cleared, the door was secured.

2035 hours – Deputies handled a complaint of an animal being ran over on East Letart Road, Racine.

2334 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a noise complaint on Number 9 Road, Reedsville.

March 17

0221 hours – Deputies initiated a traffic stop on Sr. 7/Bradbury Road, a warning was given.

0534 hours – Deputies initiated a traffic stop on Sr. 7/Success Road, a warning was given.

0642 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle on Noble Summit Road, Middleport. No vehicle was located.

1142 hours – Deputies handled a civil protection order complaint on station.

1441 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a theft complaint on New Lima Road, Rutland.

1541 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a suspicious person on Park Road, Shade. Negative contact with any persons.

1645 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a dog bite complaint on New Lima Road, Rutland.

1823 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a theft complaint on Vance Road, Pomeroy.

1919 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a man with a gun threatening to kill people on Elm Street, Racine. Officers arriving on scene encountered a male who had a firearm. The male fled on from the scene and was arrested a short time later, he was charged possession of drugs by the Racine Police Department. Deems also had outstanding warrants for domestic violence and failure to appear through Meigs County.

1123 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a motor vehicle crash with injuries on Sr.7 on ramp at 5 points.

2328 hours – Deputies were dispatched to Silver Ridge Road, Reedsville. A well being check was performed and all appeared to be okay.

March 18

0051 hours – Deputies initiated a traffic stop on Beech Grove Road, Rutland.

0739 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a deer laying in the roadway on Sr.124, Racine. The deer had been removed upon deputy’s arrival.

0740 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a reckless driver complaint on West Main Street, Pomeroy. 

1406 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a suspicious person acting on Sr.124/Corn Hollow Road.

1518 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a person having mental health issues on Sr. 124, Racine. Meigs County EMS was contacted, the subject was transported to the emergency room.

1729 hours – Deputies were dispatched to the Meigs Emergency Department on a male refusing to leave the building.

1921 hours – Deputies were dispatched to the Meigs Emergency Department for a problem with a patient.

2353 hours – Deputies were dispatched on a suspicious person to Buck Run Road, Langsville. No persons were located however damage to a door was found.

March 19

0046 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a 911 hang up call on Sr.681, Shade. It was determined the call to be a prank call.

0240 hours – Deputies were dispatched to the Middleport Jail due to a county prisoner complaining of arm pain, the patient was transported to the ER.

0953 hours – Deputies were dispatched to the Middleport Jail due to problems with an inmate.

0957 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a commercial burglar alarm on Sr.143, Pomeroy. Cancelled by the owner while enroute.

1110 hours – Deputies were dispatched for a well being check on Red Hill Road, Langsville. The person was found to be fine.

1115 hours – Deputies transported a male inmate from the Middleport Jail to the Monroe County Jail.

1205 hours – Deputies took a report on station concerning a harassing telephone call.

1248 hours – Deputies were dispatched to a residential burglar alarm on Texas Road, Pomeroy. A family member was found at the residence.