May 29, 2024

Anthony “Red” Davis leaving the courtroom after being sentenced to seven years in prison. Photo by Carrie Rose.

Anthony “Red” Davis leaving the courtroom after being sentenced to seven years in prison. Photo by Carrie Rose.

Davis Sentenced for Initial Cases, to Face More Charges

POMEROY, Ohio – For previous cases, a man that led law enforcement on a multi-county manhunt will be serving seven years in prison.

Anthony “Red” Davis appeared before Judge Linda Warner for sentencing in four cases in which he previously entered guilty pleas to. Those separate cases involve two cases involving Failure to Comply with the Signal of a Police Officer, both felonies of the third degree. One case is from an incident on Sept. 9, 2020 and another on Oct. 10, 2020. In another case from Jan. 23, 2020 he also entered guilty please to multiple counts of Receiving Stolen Property, felonies of the fifth degree.

Some of the charges were supposed to have been dismissed had Davis appeared as he was supposed to for court, but when he failed to follow through with the agreement, Judge Warner imposed maximum sentences to the charges.

“This is what you bargained for, frankly,” Judge Warner said. She said his demonstrated pattern of behavior along with his lack of remorse warranted prison sentences for the various counts.

Davis was sentenced to consecutive sentences for a total of seven years.

Davis had an agreement with the Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney and the Meigs County Court of Common Pleas to report in person daily with the court, wear a GPS monitor and reside at 35318 Dairy Lane, Langsville until his sentencing which had been set for earlier this month. On June 22, 2021 the agreement had been made, but by June 23, Davis failed to report and the GPS was reportedly off. Contact with family was made that reside at the Dairy Lane residence and they stated that Davis had not been back to the residence since his furlough on June 22. Judge Linda Warner then issued a warrant for the arrest of Davis.

Davis has had previous convictions with the court. In 2017 he was convicted of Obstructing Official Business, a felony of the fifth degree, and in another case, Receiving Stolen Property, a felony of the fifth degree. 

Davis now faces other charges in other counties along with additional charges in Meigs County.

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