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Saturday, August 18, 2018

In the Open: Bend Area experiences first Facebook Flood

Like many people I was wondering when we were going to notice climate change. I just didn’t expect it to all happen during a...

Our Meigs County Home: Being Thankful

(Our Meigs County Home is a new weekly column written by the owner and journalist of the Meigs Independent Press, Carrie Gloeckner.)  It had been...

Editorial: Dear Gov. Kasich, We Are Still Here

Typically, I refrain from writing editorials, however, I can’t be quiet on this particularly topic. Growing up in Meigs County, Ohio and living in either...

Thoughts from Adam: the problem with ‘yes’

I think I have a problem. There’s a word I have been saying for the past few years that keeps getting me into trouble. Now,...

Letter to the Editor: Call that ‘America strengthen the spine of...

The following is a Letter to the Editor, submitted to meigsindypress@gmail.com. The Meigs Independent Press editorial staff publishes these submissions, at our discretion, to...

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